GYMBOX /// Lucky 7 – Is it possible to train every day for a week?


Gymbox Bikes & Beats instructor and fitness junkie Tilly Stasiuk challenged herself to a 7 day sweat challenge. “For me it’s a habitual thing – like when you were a kid a you would play every day” she says. So, what are you waiting for. Go play!


I teach Bikes & Beats at Gymbox and run a large fashion business. I love a good catch up with my ladies after in the locker room. The same question always pops up, ‘how many days do you work out a week?’ My response, “7, well I do something fun every day, if that’s what you mean?’ There’s always a moment of silence to follow. For me it’s a habitual thing – like when you were a kid a you would play every day. I find workouts only lead to good feelings about yourself, and more positivity. For me, working out is social, I meet so many incredible people. The more workouts I do the more energy I get, it’s all positive- apart from tending to my manic laundry lycra inflation. The gym has turned into a sacred haven for all – even the ‘I hate the gym’ people are getting down for a mid-week dance off.

The first question I always ask when people finish my class is ‘how do you feel?’. Above all I think the emotional lift that movement gives you, goes completely under rated. If you did a workout that you hated, chances are you won’t want to do it again, and that’s cool, there are many more to choose from. It’s easy, take the workouts you want and leave the ones you don’t. This year, I’m training for a couple of triathlons again, and I love mixing up a combination of workouts. This could be anything from boxing to manning a pole, trapeze, kettle bells, or a dance class to nail that post race victory dance.

I get bored easily so I always adjust my schedule, making it as versatile as possible. I also listen to my body. If my legs are yelling at me and shaking from some crazed furnace squat workout then I switch up to something working my arms or upper body. It’s all possible here.

So, here’s my rendezvous with 7 days at Gymbox.

Monday 9am Training with my PT at Gymbox, Old Street

45 mins of strength and structure training. This session pushes me 10 times harder than I would ever work on my own and gets me strutting around the weight area, lifting heavy metal, like I know what’s up.

Monday 7.30pm Swim Training with @swimdemcrew at The Olympic Pool, Stratford


One hour of swimdem sets and drills for up to 1.5km. This sets me up for the week. Tightening my core, clearing my mind, and getting lots of advice on techniques for endurance. I always finish with a relaxing few lengths on my own – a bit of down time.

Tuesday 12.15 Broga at Gymbox, Old Street

This class is open to all despite the masculine wording. 45 mins of stretching out, getting upside down, and calming my head. Tuesdays are always hectic in my desk job so being out of signal and tuned into my breath becomes a necessity.

Tuesday 7.15pm Run with Run Dem Crew, various locations


Tuesday nights are definitely a staple with my running routine. It’s super social and I have met some of my best friends through this hugs community. The crew opens doors in all directions and has led me to discover some incredible locations on two feet. The crew runs from Gymbox at three locations, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays so check it out right here.

Wednesday 12.15 Bikes & Beats (my class) Gymbox, Old Street


What can I say, this is my class, and it will make you sweat, it will make you smile, sing, dance, laugh, and leave thinking, ‘what the f*** just happened in there”. Taking spin in the gym should be as, if not more of a rush than a swanky new generic spin studio. There should be no compromise on quality, and the music should always be fresh and on point. Obviously, I’m biased, but if you come to my class and you don’t embody a badass strut on exit, then we need to check your wiring. I love music, have a huge geeky collection of all genres, and am constantly hunting for new and old music. I love house, RnB, soul, garage, and hip-hop. I put my playlist out on spotify for riders to listen after class and get pumped for their next spin (or just dance in their pjs at home).

Thursday Cacoon 1pm at Gymbox, Old Street


Cacoon is a recovery class. I feel like every worker bee could totally benefit from the powers of restorative energy in this stretchy, guided meditation class. We are asked to relax in a cocoon of aerial hammocks… this notion of being asked to ‘switch off’ and only concentrating on the breathe is a perfect lunchtime liberation.

Thursday Waack & Vogue 7.30pm Gymbox, Old Street


If you didn’t already get the memo, UV mime gloves, and sexy attitude, then I’m not sure where you have been. These guys have gone in big with Waack & Vogue. I first took Jason Cameron’s class in Bank. Officially known as a ‘Voguer’ (google that), choreographer, and drag queen and bringer of big vibes. Jason can get even the intimately shy shimmering their butt down to the floor. For me, I felt like walking out the class was my graduation from bad bitch finishing school. I learnt how to steal the crowd, high kick your boss, and dance in very high (imaginary) stilettos- and no, we never left the studio.

Friday 7.15am Bikes & Beats (my class), followed by a morning run from Gymbox, Bank


After I’ve taught a class it’s perfect training for me to use the adrenaline to do a short run around the the city. I leave my stuff in a locker do a few laps of Tower Bridge, grab a shower, good coffee from Taylor’s, and jet to the office. I arrive awake and ready to get stuck in to my day.

Saturday 1,30pm Gymboxing, Old Street


I look forward to Gymboxing so much. I am a total rookie in the ring, but being trained by ex-pro dudes and getting a tough, inspiring sparring partner really helps. This isn’t all about being brawn, there’s so much thought, precision, skill, and strategy involved. As a runner, I never thought anything could make me sweat like sprint sets do, but this really is next level – I can totally see the hook.

Sunday 1pm Aerial Hoop, Gymbox, Old Street


Sunday is always my culture day, discovering cool shit, gallery-hopping, and trading music with my mates over coffee sort of day. I try and find a free hour at 1pm at Gymbox Old Street, and bring a couple of girlfriends to do Aerial Hoop, if we’re feeling energetic.

Gymbox for me is like the best parts of a summer festival. DJs, new discoveries, connecting with new people, wearing rainbow lycra, and sweating until the lights come up. It’s all the best bits, but you always get to leave on a high.

More about Tilly right here and follow her on Instagram.


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