How far will this one take you? You have a 1.06. run time on this debut GGxNTS Track sessions mix from Martelo.

We caught Martelo after his NTS set to find out what this mix is all about.
#GGXNTS is a new London based creative collaboration formed by GoodGym, NTS Radio and running writer, Tilly Stasiuk. We’ve lined up an impressive roster of DJs and producers for the next 12 months, to create something a bit special in running mixes.

Interview by Tilly Stasiuk:
I caught up with our first DJ Martelo, fresh off his midweek set. Chatting his local backstreets, and Carnival French perms­ I found out, what he’s sounding out for September in the hottest new collab to date. Don’t end up where you started­ you’re never too far from good vibes.

TILLY: Hey Ryan, or Mr Martello as we all know you. I just caught the last bit of your show, had a lil dance in the NTS booth. So you’re a regular every Wednesday?

MARTELO: Yes, every Wednesday, 5­7pm, lock it in.

TILLY: Pencilled in. Now, before we get started, I’m getting wafts of your hair. Your curls smell so good.

MARTELO: Yep, I just got it done, in my set. It remind you of getting your clothes washed in the South of France by the beach, right?

TILLY: Hells yeah. Lavender fields and all that. So I pencilled in your show and put that hair serum on my to do list. Ha. So, back to business. How do you feel about running? What’s your take on it?

MARTELO: So, I did join RUN DEM for a bit, in the early days, but I had bad knees at the time. It just hurt and I had to stop. You know how you lock all your shit away? I got about 10 mins into the run and could barely walk. I do enjoy running though and I wish I could do it more. I find it a bit boring sometimes. I don’t enjoy running at the gym. I have to make it fun.

TILLY: Sweet, well that’s what we’re doing with this playlist. Winning. Ok, so has motion been important to your progression as an artist?

MARTELO: Yeah, I wanna make people move. I wanna make people dance. I like travelling. For me, travelling with what I do is 50% of it­ going to new places and making new friends. When I first started getting out of town gigs I would always get a late train home. Even places like Norwich, no diss to Norwich but yeah, I’d always hang about­ go and see stuff.

TILLY: Running can be a way to release the city, but also discover, what does running do for you?

MARTELO: I do go for runs occassionally where I live. It’s not that leafy, I ‘d rather run just around the backstreets. It’s cool, coz I find cool stuff. I found a pub, ha, ok that’s not the best advert for running. One time I went for a run and found this old sofa that someone was throwing out. My friend who I was with at the time was an upholsterer, so we ended up taking it back and selling it for a bunch of money. I’m still waiting for my cut. She threatened to take me for dinner, but it never happened.

TILLY: Wow, well you are a do­ gooder. There you go! Can you name a couple of big highlights to this month’s tracks? When are we going to hit our fastest K?

MARTELO: The mix? I’ve been wanting to do a thing like this for a while because I do have lots of friends in running crews who tell me thy listen to my stuff when they’re running, or working out. I did ‘WE OWN THE NIGHT’, a couple of times and I do enjoy that. I like that you’re kind of in control of what people are doing. The DJ is bringing the energy­ it’s all about energy. This playlist progresses, it builds you up and up and then it comes down a bit for a breather, and then it’s back on. An hour is enough time to do exercise with this mix. An hour run or workout should fit nicely with your routine.

TILLY: So track 3 we’re properly warmed up and just starting to cruise, what’s this track going to do for us?

MARTELO: I think it might be DieMANTLE, which is DJ Die and Dismantel. It’s just like a roller. It’s just relentless and you feel like it’s just a vibe ongoing. It’s really good. Yeah, vibes.

TILLY: Other than the weekends hip­flexing, what’s coming up? Are you training for anything?

MARTELO: Well, I just played at Bestival, closing on the Red Bull Stage. Now I’ve gone in on that, I’m gonna take it easy and then detox. Back to school. Bring the vibes and ease back into the training schedule.

TILLY: But Summer’s not over….I’m still dragging it on.

MARTELO: No, I thought it was over but Carnival told me it wasn’t. I had a great Carnival.

TILLY: Me too.

MARTELO: Loads of people bottle it coz of the rain but I had a great time.

TILLY: If you’ve got a perm, you dance in the rain, no qualms.

MARTELO: My hair was wet for like three days.

TILLY: And, it’s still wet.

MARTELO: Ha, just ‘wet look’. It’s like you know when you’re a kid and your uniform gets soaked through in the rain. You’ve got nothing left. You just have to have a good time. I played on Toddla T’s stage, (look he’s over there, give him a wave, ha).

TILLY: Thanks, nice. I’ll think of that when I’m running around in the rain.


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